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Focost – Leaders in Cost focus strategy

Focost who focus on cost strategy attends to profitability by analyzing costs by applying activity based costing principles and methodology.

Focost puts relevance back into cost accounting – the reality & relevance is cost behaviour in today’s constantly changing envirnment
Focost helps to identify, allocate & control costs in detail, attempting to increase profits & decrease losses
Focost systems are designed & implemnted in a flexible step-by-step fashion
Focost facilitates possibilities to obtain high level cost tracing and accuracy
Cost strategy requires a fundamental understanding of all management issues – it is about understanding and not just calculations
Focost is a must to have, and not a nice to have. Be competitive and remain in business

Who is Focost?

“Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.” (Carl Bard).

Focost (Pty) Ltd is a Gauteng based company in the management consulting industry in South Africa and considers itself to be “Leaders in Cost Focus Strategy”, nationally and internationally. Focost is specializing in Activity-Based Costing (ABC) and Activity-Based Management (ABM) in conjunction with various Cost Engineering applications.

“What cannot be measured, cannot be controlled.”

In current and expected future ever changing, intricate, volatile and demanding business requirements, cost in all organizations has become a much more focused and emphasized component of all enterprises. Being leaders in cost focus strategy,

Focost promotes best cost modelling solutions and build cost strategies to ensure improved profitability and sustainability in organizations.

Focost professionally provides in the needs of organizations who want to understand better what their cost strategies and systems ought to be through applying in depth knowledge, experience, competencies, skills and academic/professional institutes’ qualifications to find solutions for improved cost control and gain better understanding of how their cost strategy integrates, and is in congruence, with their organisation’s overall strategy goals.

Results have been good.

It is possible and have been achieved by some organisations who identified improvement opportunities, that a first year payback of 15-20 times the investment in the ABC & M project, is achievable.

We believe in the approach of learning by doing as this enables the organisation to develop its own internal team and eliminates the need for full time outside support

Leaders in cost focus strategy
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Focost – Leaders in Cost focus strategy