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156Promote, Post, Publish that’s our motto at the School Community SA

When we look at how schools and their communities have evolved, especially in South Africa where our culture is as diverse as our communities, we at The School Community took the opportunity to create an interactive online platform that brings together the entire education sector where learners, teachers, parents and government stakeholders are able to listen with their eyes, learn through sharing and grow together as a country.   Engaging with our communities is becoming more crucial as we enter a phase of digital transition.

Schools are busy places, and parents need a trusted place to find the right information. But information is not enough – gone are the days of the website being just a digital brochure. It needs a common platform where people across South Africa can become one.

The School Community not only provides a national linkage of schools, educators, learners and parents but also aims to bring communities closer. It provides a national platform where learners, teachers, principals and parents are able to keep abreast of activities taking place in the education industry, together with providing stakeholders with a voice to communicate with South Africa.

Our in-depth research led us to our current platform which has high expectations of the entire School Community team.  We put this platform together with the vision of achieving the following:

  • It must be mobile friendly on both Android and Apple operating systems.
  • It must work perfectly on all tablets, desktops and without exception.
  • It must be updated often so that those who are visiting us daily find that our content is ever changing and evolving.
  • It must encourage dialogue between all parties through social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and ensure a safe online place for all participants.

By creating school hashtags, schools can thread all their school based tweets and brotherhood can replace bullying on the playground.  Secrets are harder to keep when more people are aware of them. And joyous occasions should be the norm.

Use of programs such as Snapchat and Periscope means that classes can now be aware of the latest developments in world news.  Our categories are designed to grow and evolve just as children going through the school system develop. With technology today and social media, we can forge into the future without hesitation or fear of what the world will become.

Just like our mission statement, in order to be the preferred community network in South Africa, we need to:

Listen to our visitors,

Learn from them

Grow the network


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