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208Growing the plants in your garden is the same as growing your business.  It needs watering, nurturing and a great deal of communication!

At The School Community SA, we offer you a wide range of advertising opportunities that will give your product the advantage of being seen by an average of 4 people per family each logging in at least once a day. And that is excluding the teaching staff at each school.  From Early Learning Centres starting at the age of 3 years old, up to an average of 18 years in Grade 12, this community will be accessible to all.

The School Community SA site will be an integral part of each school online site.  The link will be available for all to access from their local school site.  This together with up to date and content changing every 72 hours, will ensure that there is a great deal of activity on this new and exciting platform.

The schools will receive 50% of the advertising revenue from the School Community SA site to assist them with the growth in areas such as school books, computers, maintenance and sports fields.  So your advertising will definitely make a difference.

School Community home pageWe offer our advertisers the following opportunities:

  1.  Home Page advertising (rotations of 4 per advert)
  2. Categories are designed to suit page branding, video and audio
  3. Pages such as the login page is guaranteed to attract attention
  4. Participating companies may submit articles of interest on condition they do not contain advertising.

The traffic expected on the site (currently with the number of schools being 155 of the expected 43000 nationwide, growing at an average of 200 schools per month)  is calculated as follows:

Schools listed on our sites school list have an average of 1000 children per school

An average of 500 children will have a sibling in the school giving us an average of 1000 parents per school.

Teaching staff at the school including admin and school heads will be an average of 50.

Total expected impressions per day after 12 August when we launch the login backend for all participating schools will be:


Until that date the numbers will grow from its launch on 1 July till 12 August and daily we will post the number of impressions on our home page via the counter!


From 1 September 2016 we will be pricing our adverts according to market related pricing.  We are expecting a daily hit rate of 20,000 per day while each school site goes live. Advert pricing is available on our categories presentation below.

Home Page Top Banner – R350 per 1000 impressions

Home Page Advert – R250 per 1000 impressions

Home Page second banner – R250 per 1000 impressions

Category Banner – R250 per 1000 impressions

Category Advert – R150 per 1000 impressions

This pricing is per month.

Prices are VAT and Agency Comm exclusive. For more information about each category and all advertising opportunities please click on the graphic below for an online presentation or download the PDF below.

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 6.51.37 PM

Advertising SchoolCommunity Web – Please feel free to download if you would like to email it to a colleague or download it for closer inspection.

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