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Gear up for the future workplace

Workplaces around the world are already bracing for the millennial generation. Today’s modern organizations have to prepare for a workforce that have lived all their lives with the advantages of the Internet and global connectivity.

A crucial part of this future workplace scenario is that the highest rate of millennials (at 37%) will be located in African nations, with an estimated 400 million people. Across the continent, young Africans are similarly digitally connected; 56% of them have a mobile phone. And with nearly half of the continent under the age of 15, there’s a predicted boom ahead.

By the year 2040, the world’s largest labor force will be in Africa, with an estimated working-age population of a billion people.

On the flip side, it is still taking a university graduate five years, on average, to get a job. Those are the lucky ones. With demand outstripping supply, companies based in Africa are repeatedly citing insufficiently skilled labor as an obstacle to growth.

Since 11 million youths are expected to enter the continent’s labor force every year for the next decade, IBM realized it was time to create the Digital Skills Initiative, a three-step plan to build digital literacy, and help combat the current high unemployment rate in Africa.


Winter Sales 728 X 90