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The Forgiven

While it has been two decades since the Truth and Reconciliation Commission concluded, bringing to a close South Africa’s cathartic period of reckoning with...

Entertainment Featured

The Ellen Pakkies Story

Ellen Pakkies film wins big at kykNET Silwerskerm Festival! The gripping crime drama of Ellen Pakkies’ life, which will be released in local cinemas on 7th...


I Can Only Imagine

INTERNATIONAL BLOCKBUSTER HITS LOCAL CINEMAS THIS WEEK! “I was skeptical that a movie based on a song could work—no matter how great that song was.  But...

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Puppet mayhem comes to Montecasino

Ventriloquist (noun) /vɛnˈtrɪləkwɪst/ A person, especially an entertainer, who can make their voice appear to come from somewhere else, typically a dummy of a...

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Do schools kill creativity?

A TED talk about education that every person should watch! By Mark Sham    It’s hard to believe that this infamous TED talk is already 11 years old… The...

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